Kacey French is a business owner, community leader, and advocate.

As the second oldest of five daughters, Kacey heard the stories about the many generations of relatives who worked hard to build their American dream, with ancestors dating back to the American Revolution. Kacey was the “Tom Boy”, who assisted her father with hanging gutters, painting the house, and fixing the snow blower to name a few things.

A good mathematician and artist, Kacey’s talents were put to use at age 13 when she helped her father design and then build the family room addition to their home. This initial experience with residential construction was the catalyst for Kacey eventually becoming a licensed architect and small business owner.

Her mother played an equally strong role in her development. Kacey watched her mom go to the nearby nursing home and stay long hours tending to the older adult residents. As a volunteer and later employee at the same facility, Kacey learned the importance of respect, dignity, patience, and tenderness required when seeing to the needs of people regardless of age or background.

The desire to become an architect led her to apply to the University of Notre Dame’s School of Architecture where she graduated in the third class of females to attend the once all male institute. It was not the first, nor would it be the last, time where her place as a woman would be novel. As an architect in New York City, her career path reflects her many interests in historical properties, economic development, real estate management, and city planning and zoning. There and throughout her career, Kacey had to work with individuals of many different backgrounds, needs, and goals and managed them with the same kindness, patience, and intelligence she learned as a teenager.

With the expectancy of her son, Kacey decided to utilize her management, design, and business skills by founding CorrellTech, LLC, named after her great great great grandfather Correll whose care for others has been passed down through the ages. A small architectural consulting firm which specialized in facilities for technological companies, homes for the learning disabled, retail, and education.

In 2016, CorrellTech, LLC was sold to Correll French at which time the company was rebranded as a drone, video, and still photography service company. CorrellGreen, LLC was established shortly thereafter as an architectural consulting firm whose mission is to add function and comfort to homes for people of all ages.

Never one to sit still, Kacey moved into the City of York six years ago to become involved in local issues, first as a member of the Rotary Club focusing on serving the community by providing resources to support early childhood reading by providing free books to young children, providing funds for the installation of equipment in the biology and chemistry labs of York Academy’s Upper School, and planting trees in York County in an effort to Preserve Planet Earth. She has also obtained funding from AARP to help our community more livable for people of all ages, and is currently the Interim Director for The York County Village Association, a community, grass-roots organization that expands options for older adults so they may live fully and independently in their communities.

Kacey is eager to continue her record of public service as the next Member of the State House of Representatives representing the people of the 95th District of Pennsylvania. She is committed to strengthening the Pennsylvania economy especially within the 95th. She will focus on the issues that matter most to those in the 95th, working with members of both parties to prioritize job creation and economic opportunity, for all, no matter one’s race, gender, social-economic status, or age.

Through it all, Kacey has learned a common lesson: tackling our biggest problems requires bringing Pennsylvania District 95 residents of all backgrounds together around shared values and commonsense solutions. She believes strongly that all success starts by showing up, listening, and fighting for the values that unite us.

Kacey lives with her son Correll in the City of York.